I have acquired in time a number of calculators that I no longer need, most likely because I have others of the same type. From time to time it is necessary to give away some to make space for newer ones! This is my current list of HP calculators that I no longer need.

These are not junk (unless specifically described). All of them work well, again, with the exception of defects mentioned for each individually. Some might have been repaired, worn parts exchanged, old batteries replaced. If I am aware of a defect, I always describe it; certainly any defect clearly visible will be described. If it is not described, it means I am not aware of the defect. If you want more information, ask.

You may find “untested” items on eBay for a smaller price. Sometimes you may even be lucky and get a calculator that is truly untested but actually in good shape. Most of the time though on eBay “untested” means “I have tried everything me, my family, friends and grandmother could think of, and we could not make it work”. You want to buy “untested”? My suggestion is, but if and only if the seller has a good return policy; otherwise, consider the item as “not working”.

Better / more images are available upon request.

If you do not see something that you would like, ask – it is likely I can be convinced to bundle it, if I can find the item that is. And if you don’t like the price, make an offer – you never know. This is a hobby, not a business, so making money is not necessarily my purpose here. But there are items that are clearly rare or very desirable inside (HP-70, HP-27, two examples) so in the end I might not always be willing to sell for a low ball offer.

All calculators will be shipped from Florida, USA, via USPS. I will use either 1st class package for cheaper items or priority mail. Shipping cost will in most cases be around $10 for US addresses, higher for bulkier items.

Shipping overseas is also through USPS; unfortunately USPS has increased prices tremendously, cheapest package under 1 pound to UK for example is about $27 and insured around $40. Not much I can do here. If you want an exact shipping cost please send me a message via the contact form at the bottom and I will compute.

Canadian shipping may be cheaper, also please contact me.

  1. HP-35 low serial number with the 2.02 bug. With original leather case and rebuilt battery. Fully tested. Asking $350.
  2. HP-35 last version (less common). Calculator needs the on/off switch cleaned, works only if one presses the switch. This happens when the grease put on the switch by the factory becomes solid and acts like an insulator. Two screws missing, did not inspect others. The calculator works normally, all LED segments work normally with the issue specified. Asking $60.
  3. HP-45 applications book. Has markings and the cover has creases some fixed with tape. Asking $9. I have other books, if interested please inquire.
  4. HP-45 in pieces. The first 4 LEDs have missing segments and the display board needs to be soldered to the back cover. The calculator board works normally, so does the keyboard. All pieces, screws are there. Battery cover missing. Very minor (almost none) corrosion on the battery contacts, some corrosion on the metallic bracket in the AC adapter location which can be cleaned. The reason the calculator is in pieces is that the original keyboard was removed to be used in a different machine. Asking $20.
  5. HP-45. Works normally. 3rd and 8th LEDs have missing segments (3rd LED has only one working segment). Battery cover missing. Asking $25.
  6. HP-55 calculator with rebuilt battery. Asking $190
  7. HP-70 calculator with soft case. Asking $500.
  1. HP-41 card reader with manual and quick reference guide. Recognized by the calculator, presumed non functional, in need of – at least – gummy wheel repair. Asking $45.
  2. HP-41 card reader with manual, cards in holder and quick reference guide. Recognized by the calculator, presumed non functional, in need of – at least – gummy wheel repair. Most cards are used but seem used once only. Some cards seem new. Asking $50. Other card readers are available.
  3. HP-41 card reader with manual and used cards in box. Recognized by the calculator, presumed non functional, in need of – at least – gummy wheel repair. Asking $55.
  4. HP 82200A Keyboard Touchpad overlay for use on HP 41C/CV/CX. Seems new, perfect condition. There are others available. Asking $75.
  5. HP-82162A HP-IL printer in box with two rolls of paper, AC adapter, two HP-IL cables and manual. Fully tested, works well, can be sold without the HP-IL cables upon request. If that happens, the cables are available for separate sale. Asking $200 with cables, $150 without. Cables only $60 but only if the printer sells separately.
  6. HP-41 HP-IL module 82160A with manual in original box. Make offers please.
  7. HP-41 Stress module with two overlays and manual. Asking $60.
  8. HP-41 Aviation module 14008 with reprinted manual. Asking $70.
  9. HP-82153A optical wand for HP-41. Fully tested. Asking $160.
  10. HP-82184A plotter module for HP-4 with manual. The manual is a Xerox copy not original. Recognized by the calculator and functions can be run off the module. Asking $190.
  11. HP-41 14005 Circuit Analysis module with overlays and manual. Asking $50.

  1. HP-41 14028 Navigation module with manual. Asking $100.
  2. HP-41 GMAC Financing II with overlay. Asking $20.
  3. HP-41 Math pac with manual, overlays and quick reference guide. Asking $30.
  4. HP-41 battery compartment with all springs (2x). Like new. Make offers.
  5. HP-41 battery shield (2x). Make offers.
  6. HP-41CX half nut with Energizer batteries, manuals, soft case, Surveying module, two Surveying overlays and Surveying quick reference guide. Asking $180. This particular one is no longer available bit others might be, please inquire.
  7. HP-41CV half nut with manuals, quick reference guide and soft case. Asking $140.
  8. HP-41 Math/Stat module with two overlays and two quick reference guides. Asking $45.
  9. HP-41CX Full nut with soft case and Surveying module. One top port cover missing. Soft case is not in the images but is IS included. Asking $200.

  1. HP-41CX full nut with batteries, soft case and one overlay. Soft case is not shown but it is included. Asking $160.
  2. HP-41CV half nut with rebuilt battery contact block. Asking $100.
  3. HP-41 modules: Math (2x), Stat (2x), Financial (2x). Module only. Asking $25 each, $20 if bought together with a calculator.
  4. HP-41C, CV Time module 82182A. Asking $80.
  5. HP-41 Surveying module 14004 (2x), Structural Analysis X (Struc Anal X). Asking $30 each.
  6. HP-41 Thermal module 14009. Asking $50.
  7. HP-41 IR module 82242A. Asking $175. Suitable printer (82240) available upon request, please inquire.
  1. HP-92 Investor manuals “Owner’s Handbook” and “Applications”. Asking $100.
  1. Woodstock family recharging station with HP 82026A AC adapter. Good to recharge batteries for the HP-21, 22, 25, 25c, 27, 29c. Asking $75.
  2. HP-21 calculator with manual and soft case. The soft case has a worn point in one corner. Battery not included but available separately. Asking $55. Others available, please inquire.
  3. HP-22 calculator with soft case. Battery not included but available separately. Asking $90.
  4. HP-27 calculator with soft case and rebuilt battery. Asking $475.
  5. HP 82026A AC adapter for the HP-21, 22, 25, 25c, 27, 29c. Asking $25.
  1. HP 82401A HP-IL module for HP-71 family of calculators. Asking $90
  2. HP 82059B AC adapter used for many HP devices: HP-41 with rechargeable battery, HP-82143A and 82162A printers, HP-82161A cassette, HP-71B, HP-91, 92 and 97 and probably others. Asking $25.
  3. HP-71b calculator with HP-IL module and Finance ROM installed. Asking $350.
  4. HP-71b calculator with HPIL module and card reader. One magnetic card included (used for test). Included are also soft case, HP-71 quick reference guide and HP-IL quick reference guide. Asking $490.
  5. Blank magnetic cards (new unused) for the HP-71 and HP-75 family sold individually. No discount for purchasing in bulk. Asking $5/each.
  1. Commodore SR-4148R and Singer Friden 1207 (relabelled SR-4148) with new batteries and AC adapter. The Singer is missing one segment of the LCD display. Both work well, rechargeable batteries replaced with modern NiCd 800mAh phone batteries. Can be sold separately, with or without the AC adapter. Asking $80.
  1. VAX/VMS Primer. New in plastic wrap. Wrap is broken but the manual is new, I broke the wrap myself being careless. Free with other purchase, $5 otherwise.

48. HP0-41 Math/Stat module new in original box. Manuals, quick reference guides and overlays included. Asking $65.

49. HP-65. Summarily tested, to check that all LEDs work (they do). No other tests performed. However I assume that the card reader is in need of repairs for – at least – the gummy wheel issue, the calculator does not seem to have been serviced and I have never seen an original HP-65 card reader working after 45 years without repairs.

The calculator was tested using a battery (not included) which means it will work also with an AC adapter (also not included). Asking $200. Please inquire, other HP-65 is available.

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