A large number of third party software modules exists for the HP-41 family. This article will present some of them.

The manufacturer is in all cases a third party and not HP.

All modules presented here are functional and can be used in any HP-41 calculator. It is however possible that the modules might have memory or functionality requirements (for example, the SUP-R-ROM is designed to work with a printer).

P3B Orion aircraft utility module

There are two modules labeled UTIL 82500A and T5614 82500B. On the back there is a NAVAIRDEVCEN label therefore I can only assume that the modules were developed by the Naval Air Development Center and have something to do with load computation for the P3B Orion aircraft. The two modules are accompanied by an overlay.

Anyone has more information or documentation, please let me know.

Stock Price Forecast Module (FORECAST 1)

The manual shows as the owner of the copyright William Finnegan Associates, 1982. There are known versions 2 and 3 of this module; this is version 1. This is an implementation of the share price prediction model, proprietary to the company. Since the company no longer exists I am not sure how successful the prediction was, but the module is certainly an interesting piece.

SUP-R-ROM Surveying Software

Distributed by the Surveyors Supply Company of Apex, NC this is only one example of custom module for use in surveying. There are other specialized modules for the HP-41 family, also for the TI-59.

This particular module is designed to be used together with a printer. The manual is exhaustive and from the looks of the one that I have, it was very much used, meaning it was actually used in the field.

The manual was bound by simply stapling the sheets together and was perforated to allow filing.

Capital Management Analysis

Business Valuation Service

The modules are created by a company named ROMPOWER and the manuals describe in detail the functionality provided by the modules.

The modules are accompanied by two overlays and a quick reference guide.