Another beautiful vintage desktop calculator: Monroe 325 Scientist. This is a programmable desktop calculator, it has a printer included and it also has a cassette interface which allows connection to a Monroe 392 tape recorder.

The calculator works well and in my opinion is one of the most beautiful calculators that were ever made. Both the keys, feedback, choice of colors and the display have a very nice appearance. The machine looks sturdy and performs well. It also prints well (within reason, the ribbon is 20 years old at least)

I am however reluctant to play with it for extended periods of time since the calculator still has its original power supply. The large electrolytic capacitors are known to fail after a period of time and the ones in this unit are almost 50 years of age so the machine needs first some maintenance.

Judge for yourself – is this a beautiful machine or what?

If you have a Monroe or Compucorp tape recorder (model 392) I am interested in acquiring one! It should work well with the 325.

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