The Novus 650 handheld was a cheap calculator, so cheap that the designers even avoided a “+” key. Nevertheless the RPN choice makes it a curiosity, not many non-HP calculators were designed with RPN.

The calculator has two versions, both are shown in the images. An earlier version is made in the USA ( the one with the blue/white keys) and the other one in SE Asia. A similar one I have is made in Malaysia, but the one in the images did not have the location written on it.

I have nevertheless seen BOTH designs with “Made in USA” label so probably the later (and cheaper) design was manufactured at first in the USA too.

The calculator gives the impression of cheap and disposable, the keys are very light to activate and very seldom was I able to actually enter a number without any errors. The one made in SE Asia has even lower quality components (faceplate dull color, black only keys, no label).

Nevertheless, an interesting piece of history.

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